Golden Oaks Rollicking Rolph
(Nov 5, 2003 - Oct 22, 2014)

Some favorite pictures

A favorite game!

Enjoying high tide!

Where did she go?.

A nice hug!.

A fine summer day.

Enjoying a kong in the winter sun Jan 14/07.

Rolph, summer 2007, walrus impression.

Nap time.

Rolph enoying a swim in the Bay.


A comfy bed.

Rolph enjoying the bay

Rolph out in the Bay

As a pup

"A very lovely face on this little fellow and such a cuddly gentle personality to go with it. Rolph is our "CFA (come from away) boy", being born on the mainland at Golden Oaks Kennel and relocating to Newfoundland at the age of 10 weeks.

Just relaxing in the winter sunshine.

Heading home on the run! John spends a lot of hours shovelling paths all over our property and out to the bay so the dogs can enjoy a good run. Retirement does that to a fellow! You can also tell just how hard it is to get a good picture of black dogs especially when they are running.

Rolph at 4 months.

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