Grape Varieties Trialed

Pinot Noir

Vinifera red wine grape. Graft develops gall.  Needs some interventions to help ripen during the really cool seasons.

Sabrevois (ES 2-1-9)
Hybrid red wine grape. I really like how this vine grows here. Bud burst and new growth are quite pink (like rose buds) making it a very distinctive and attractive vine, growth seems to be quite open, no need for leaf pull. It propagates easily from dormant or live cuttings, survives the winter here without snowcover. This vine needs more heat than we get, it ripens but to low sugars.

This one really took to conditions here, is very vigorous, has many clusters, appears to be disease free. Survives winter without cover, first to bud in spring and get on with the business of growing. Has character, you can tie this one to the wires one day go out the next and the your tie is laying on the ground and the vine growing where it wants, also attacks ones hair when one is weeding, and has been known to trip people. Needs leaf pull to expose the medium sized tight clusters. May need more heat than other vines but less than Sabrevois.

DM 8521-1
Developed in Minnesota by grape breeder David Macgregor from a cross of [E.S. 283 x (Riparia x Merlot) with Riparia 37 x Chambourcin]. Is disease resistant and winter hardy requiring no winter protection. Ripens well.
Ripening DM 8521-1, growth is dense, vigorous, and fruitful, berries look like great big blueberries. Brix 19° by the first week of October despite being a very cool season, maximum brix acheived here was 20°.

Did not survive the floods.

Vigorous and doing well, some berry splitting after a heavy rain, at brix 18° by mid Sept. Requires no winter protection and the berries taste great! Very attractive to wasps.
Ripe Delisle with berry splitting. Cluster a bit sparse since it tastes good too!

Vigorous! Doing very well, ripens at 20 brix for us. Seems a long cool growing season is what this vine thrives on.

ES 8-2-43
Doing very well with plenty of clusters. No winter protection required. W

Not vigorous here but is growing, may need a different site/soil, very small crop this year. May need winter protection. Will not increase plantings as other red varieties are performing far better.

Marechal Foch
Not very vigorous but grows well. Very tiny berries.

Does well, strong growth. May need interventions to increase heat in cool seasons, no winter protection needed.

Leon Millot
Can be troubled by spring frost, survives the winter here with no cover.

KW 87-1
Kentville variety, V-53053 x Castel 19637. Very vigorous here, does well without winter protection. Productive, later ripening white.

KW 87-1 clusters. Brix 16° by October 12th. Vine is second year.

St Croix
Doing well, small crop, growth wants to hang, needs lots of tying. Verasion later than Sabrevois. Holds up to cool weather better than Sabrevois, less productive though. Not great for our site.

Hibernal (GM 322)
Did not survive

GM 318
Did not survive the floods.

Pinot Gris
Did not survive the floods.

Baco Noir
Not vigorous here, nipped by a spring frost. Again pH needed adjusting, soil is light however. No decision as of yet.

KW 95-9
Kentville variety, St Pepin x Siegerrebe.

Baltica, aka: Hasansky Sladki, aka: Neva
Growing quite well, bushy. This one ripened in August here in 2006, before I had a chance to check the brix the birds had feasted and not one grape was left. Ripened well in September despite coolness of 2007 growing season. Does very well here

Skujinsh 675
Doing very well. Ripens early even in cool seasons.

Did not survive the floods.

Was slow to settle in, survives winter with no protection. Doing very well at our site.

Did not survive the floods.

Kee Wah Din
Not vigorous here, growth steady, productive, berries small.

Landot noir
Red wine grape. Did not survive the floods.

Red wine grape. Did not survive the floods.

V65164 (Seneca x NY45-910)

Suffolk Red
Seedless table grape.

Montreal Blues (ES 6447)
Blue nearly seedless table grape.

Red seedless table grape.

Did not survive.

Wine grape.

Early whiteseedless table grape.

Petite Jewel
Red seedless table grape.

Somerset (ES 12-7-98)
Red seedless table grape.

Sovereign Coronation
Table grape.

Early red seedless table grape. (Seneca x NY45-910).

Swenson red (ES 439)
Seeded table grape.

Table grape.

L'acadie blanc
Did not survive.

Red table grape.

ES 4-7-25
Table grape.

ES 5-17
Red wine grape.

Som 537
Table grape.

ES 17-59
Blue juice grape.

Wine grape.

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